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Hello! :D  Good to hear from you!

1) I’m a social worker. I graduated from university 3 years ago, but have been working in retail since then. If I can find a SW job I’m happy with, I would consider entering the field. 

2) The season 3 finale was the first episode of Castle I ever saw, and the music from the hangar scene is what made me into an instant fan. 

3) I have two cats - Cat, short for Cathy, who is 12. Tac is my younger kitty, and he’s 5 and a half. 

4) I refuse to learn to drive. My boyfriend drives, and we theoretically could get around if we had a vehicle, but I have no interest in driving. 

5) I run several meme blogs and For Lovers Only-themed blogs. 

The Always end scene like it should have been!

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Congratulations to the Sherlock team! The show won 7 awards and is the biggest winner of the Emmys 2014!

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This blog is back up and running again! I have internet from home once more, so please feel free to submit your confession(s) if you have any.

Please note that I am playing around with the font used and how I used to format the original confessions, so I apologize in advance if the first few…

I have returned!


I apologize for this blog being quiet for so long - I only just got internet at home again, so now I’m going to be working hard to get all of my blogs up and running again. 

So if you have a submission, please feel free to send it in! :)

I’m back!


I have internet at home again, meaning I’m hoping to get this blog up and running again. I apologize for this blog being quiet for so long. 

If you have any ideas for submissions, please feel free to send them in! 

I’m back!


Hi everyone!

I have returned from my hiatus - I have internet at home, and hope to get this blog (along with Fuck Yeah Stupid Shrink Snake and Fuck Yeah Janitorial Jaguar) up and running again. 

If you have any ideas for submissions, please feel free to send them in!

torchwoodsarchives said: Is this blog still 'active', just hasn't had any submissions, or is it totally 'dead'?


I am going to be posting submissions again, and creating some of my own. I haven’t had internet at home for the last 9 months, so I let my blogs go quiet until I could get home access. 

I will be posting submissions again, so please feel free to submit ideas if you have any!